Our Process is Made for You.

We make small business loans a personal matter. Contact our staff members and we’ll help you with the loan application process.

Our Step-By-Step Process

  • Call/visit with MBFC staff to assess the project for SBA eligibility
  • MBFC Business Development Officer assists in preparation of the loan application
  • Receive MBFC loan approval within 2-3 days of complete application
  • Receive SBA approval within approximately 4 days of submission
  • SBA issues Authorization for Debenture Guarantee outlining the terms and conditions of the SBA 504 loan
  • After SBA approval on appraisal and environmental, lender disburses funds for both lender and SBA loan
  • SBA 504 loan closes upon project completion
  • Debenture sells and SBA 504 loan funds approximately 45 days after MBFC closing