Central MN Realty Awarded VetLoan Advantage Rebate!

(Pictured below: Adam Vee, Commercial Loan Officer for American Heritage National Bank, Matt Imdeke, President of Central MN Realty, and Joe Kammermeier, Vice President MBFC)

Minnesota Business Finance Corporation (MBFC) is honored to present a $3,000 VetLoan Advantage Rebate to Matt Imdeke, President and Owner of Central MN Realty. MBFC is the only Certified Development Company in Minnesota to offer a rebate to business owners that are active or retired members of military service.  Adam Vee, Commercial Loan Officer with American Heritage National Bank, and Joe Kammermeier, Vice President of MBFC, presented the check to Imdeke at his office.

Central MN Realty worked with MBFC by using a SBA 504 loan to purchase an existing commercial building in Saint Cloud, MN to expand and relocate the Realtor office. Imdeke’s primary Commercial Lender is Vee at American Heritage National Bank who also worked on financing the project. For more information or to visit Central MN Realty’s website click here.

Imdeke joined the Army National Guard at age 17 in 2001 with plans to serve for 6 years. September 11th occurred and he served in Bosnia for 9 months on the Croatian/Serbian border with the mission of maintaining peace and disarming the public.  After Bosnia, he spent one year in college. In October, 2005 he was deployed to Iraq for 2 years where he served as a gunner and truck commander.  His primary mission was to escort supply trucks and protect supply routes to the many military compounds.

During Matt’s deployment to Iraq his initial 6 year contract expired but he was required to reenlist because he was on a Mission Essential Combat Unit. Imdeke served 9 years with a honorable discharged in 2010. He remains thankful to the others with which he served.

MBFC thanks Imdeke for his service and is proud to offer the VetLoan Advantage Rebate program. For more information how to apply please contact your MBFC Business Development Officer.

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SBA 504 Refinance Program Changes!

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has published the final rule for SBA 504 Debt Refinancing without expansion under the 504 program.  The final rule is effective TODAY, June 6, 2018.  With the final rule published, there are positive modifications to the program:

  1. The interim rule specified that the qualified debt that is being refinanced must be 2 years old, however the final rule has added that this “2 year old debt may include modifications or refinances within this 2 year period if it was for a maturity date extension.”

  2. The interim rule stated that the borrower needs to have been current on payments for the last year prior to application. Additionally, the final rule states that if there was a note modification or refinance done to extend the maturity date within 1 year of application, the borrower need to have been current on payments due during the 1 year period. Both before and after the modification or refinancing; there are no deferments of any payments during the 1 year period.

  3. The final rule clarified that on a refinance of qualified debt for a special purpose property, 15% borrower contribution is needed.  However, the Third Party Lender does not have to be at least 50% of total project costs.

  4. The final rule extended the SBA 504 Loan disbursement deadline to 9 months and SBA may approve an additional 6 months for good cause.

  5. The final rule codifies that the cash out for eligible business expenses cannot exceed 20% of value of the 504 Eligible Fixed Assets securing the qualified debt and maximum loan to value is 85%.

Now’s the time to secure long term fixed rates for your small business customers! 

Give your MBFC Loan Officer a call today!



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Grant Awarded to IEDC

(Pictured left to right: Bob Palmquist of Northland Foundation, Michael Colclough of Northland Foundation, Steve Pederson of Entrepreneur Fund, Terry Stein of MBFC, Shannon Benolken of IEDC, Robert Aitken of Leech Lake Financial Services, Jeff Borling of Great River Energy)

Grant Awarded to IEDC of Grand Rapids

Minnesota Business Finance Corporation (MBFC) presented an Economic Development grant to Itasca Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) based out of Grand Rapids, MN. Terry Stein, Vice President of MBFC, was on hand to deliver the check to Mark Zimmerman, President & CEO of IEDC at a recent forum held in Northern Minnesota. Commercial lenders, economic development officials, and financial service providers met to review programs and resources offered with partnering organizations.

Pictured: Mark Zimmerman, President & CEO of IEDC Terry Stein, Vice President of MBFC

IEDC continues to focus on expanding the local business community in Grand Rapids area. They also have a Small Business Development Center which supported more than 135 entrepreneurs start, maintain, or expand their business in the last year. Partnering with MBFC, they are able to provide financing options for economic opportunities to all of greater Itasca County. Stein was among several presenters at the 2018 Lender’s Lunch. He spoke regarding the SBA 504 loan program and highlighted benefits of the program in the current business market.

For more information on the many resources and economic development programs offered by IEDC and a link to their website, please click here.

MBFC is proud to offer grant opportunities to foster business development, job creation and retention. For more information about the SBA 504 Loan Program, MBFC Grants, or the VetLoan Advantage Rebate please contact your local Business Development Officer today!

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MBFC Grant Awarded to Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers

MBFC Grant Awarded to Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers

(Pictured: Jim Roth, President & CEO of MCCD, and
Michelle Mueller, Vice President of MBFC)

Minnesota Business Finance Corporation (MBFC) announces that a grant was presented to Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers (MCCD) in April on behalf of their request for support for the Open to Business (O2B) program.  Mueller met with Roth to present the check at the MCCD’s office on Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis, MN.

The O2B program provides business advising services at no cost as well as lending initiatives for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

  • In 2017 there was 5,872 hours of direct technical assistance provided to 846 businesses.
  • The MCCD lending programs were able to support 58 small business loans totaling over $2.2 Million dollars.

MCCD serves a six county Metro area (Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Scott, and Washington) with special emphasis on entrepreneurs of color and those who are low-income (below 80% of area median income). Roth noted that MCCD aims to expand into Ramsey county some time within 2018. For more information on programs offered by MCCD please click here for their web page. The Star Tribune has praised “MCCD’s lender/adviser programs for stimulating many tiny businesses.”


StarTribune: Article, May 23, 2017

MBFC is proud to offer grant and rebate programs for Economic, Community Development initiatives, and Veteran Military borrowers. For more information on how your entity can apply and for qualification requirements please contact your local MBFC Business Development Officer today.

SBA Announces 25-Year Debenture!

SBA Announces 25-Year Debenture!

It is official.  We are pleased to announce the availability of a 25 year Debenture for 504 projects that are approved on or after the date of this notice.  This is in addition to the 10 and 20 year 504 Loan and Debenture that are currently available in the 504 Loan Program.

Technical Issues Memo 21-18

In addition, a few specifics-

  • Loans approved prior to the notice date may not be extended to the longer term
  • Third Party Loans for 25 year debenture must have a term of minimally ten years
  • Funding for the 25 year Debenture will happen every month with the first funding anticipated to occur June or July 2018

MBFC is excited to add this 25 year Debenture to our long term fixed asset financing options.  Please contact us to discuss your project.

As always, we will earn your business.

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